small steps, big changes

We all live a very hectic lifestyle. Life is speeding up, but interestingly, we have less time; it takes over our daily lives, causing us stress and angst.

Is there an antidote? Hippocrates, "the father of medicine", stated that 'internal imbalances' could be restored with good nutrition and by resting the body and mind.

Rest is essential to restoring the body and, therefore, the processes of regeneration. Silence and tranquility, introspection and the purity of the environment offer vital options as the path to recovering our body’s innate ability to self-repair.

AYUNA • Less is Beauty would like to help you pay more attention to your body. Inspired by the advances of psycho-dermatology that show the skin’s emotional dimension, we have created BEAUTIFULNESS, a discipline that adapts the teachings of mindfulness into the realm of beauty and stimulates the skin-brain connection through personal care. We know that reducing stress levels is also a key ingredient to making skin more beautiful.

BEAUTIFULNESS is founded on the following three pillars:



a basic step in any facet of life

One way to rest the body is by cleansing. Eliminating skin impurities is a basic step in any beauty routine, but BEAUTIFULNESS goes beyond that by inviting us to change our internal dialogue and cleanse the ¨recurring thoughts¨ about our appearance that lead to obsession, stress and fatigue.

The power of words is so great that we can create BEAUTY with them, they are a tool that allows us to become aware of our body and connect with its essence.


Discover Your Word

The exercise is very simple, we only need to reflect on the word offered; its meaning helps pinpoint the emotions that surface during the practice of BEAUTIFULNESS and helps change the way in which we see ourselves.


connect positively with beauty

Being truly aware of beauty means ‘listening’ to the feelings that make us take care of our appearance, observing reality as it truly is. Meditation trains the mind to silence the thoughts that distract us and detect emotions that lead to well-being. Feeling good about ourselves is positively reflected in our appearance, in addition to helping us focus on the present and promoting the presence of BEAUTIFULNESS, which also helps us protect our youthfulness or well•aging.

AYUNA offers a skincare collection inspired by topical fasting. The formulas are strengthened with a cocktail of aromatherapy to offer a treatment for body and mind, and complements them with FACIAL MEDITATION, an application method that gives the skin center stage to help it connect from within.

To ensure an optimal sensorial experience, we recommend becoming familiar with the CLEANSE and TOUCH phases and include them as part of the complete ceremony.


This meditation includes the application of an aroma-therapeutic oil and a cream, that must be applied onto clean skin. Prepare and activate the audio.


It is best to perform it after thoroughly cleansing the skin and the mind -CLEANSE- and before applying the cream or serum -TOUCH-.The mirror meditation includes a steam ritual which requires a bowl of hot water in which to pour the powder or aroma-therapeutic oil and a large towel to cover the head. Prepare and activate the audio.


take care of yourself as you would care for your loved ones

The sense of touch is more than just a layer of skin; the brain receives information from the skin’s receptors, allowing it to remain constantly informed. Applying cosmetics through intentional massages stimulates the brain, which contributes to our overall well-being.

The I LOVE YOU MASSAGE is a gift you give yourself, a ceremony for the skin and an invitation to enjoy the moment. In addition to enhancing the penetration of products, these maneuvers help you detach and ultimately provide you with a healthier appearance.

The technique consists in performing slow and intentional movements to create an ideal space for you to be present in the moment and to savour the journey of self-love.