That which guides us and brings us balance every day.



That which guides us and brings us balance every day.


less is beauty

The best beauty routine is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. We are committed to simplifying beauty – to nourishing the skin with precision by providing only the fundamental and basic ingredients needed to achieve maximum performance.

AYUNA · Less is Beauty reduces skincare to the essential. Through a discrete range of formulas – produced with care, attention and intelligence - we offer the skin "more" with "less".



Independent, exclusive and sustainable. We are an indie cosmetic brand that offers specialized solutions based on disruptive concepts. Characterized by our independence - from large laboratories and multinationals - we invest in quality and are respectful with both the skin and the environment. We create products that use natural, green ingredients manufactured by employing a small-batch, location production system.


Eco & Natural Without Sacrificing the
Frills of Luxury

We've developed a line specifically for those that are mindful of both the environment and themselves, but who do not want to sacrifice the experience and results that come with a luxury product.  We have masterfully brought the power of nature, sustainability and experience into this precious line.

A Unique Sensorial Experience

We are specialists in creating unique textures that offer an element of surprise. This, combined with our aromatherapy, stimulates the senses throughout the entire experience.


What is Mindful Beauty?

Mindful beauty, or Beautifulness, blossoms as a discipline by adapting the teachings of mindfulness to the realm of beauty.

Our interior – consciousness of the present moment and how we feel about ourselves – is reflected by our exterior.

Beautifulness emphasizes self-esteem and self-confidence, naturally leading us to change our relationship with beauty and aging through the balance of mind and body.




Every aspect of AYUNA has been created with the philosophies of sustainability and 'less is more' in mind. From how our ingredients are sourced to the packaging and beyond, we have worked hard to elevate to a new standard of green.

99.9% Lower Water-Footprint

We are a pioneer in beauty when it comes to thinking about and the importance of reducing our Water-footprint. The cultivation of our natural sources requires 99.9% less water than traditional cultivations and yields the purest and cleanest ingredients.

Harnessing the Power of Nature
Through Technology

Patented bio-tech processes are used to obtain Plasmas rich in Botanical Cell Factors and Phyto-Peptides - highly concentrated botanical molecules that harness the full power of nature and expand its benefits to the skin.

Clean & Non-Toxic Ingredients

AYUNA represents a commitment to pure, effective and safe cosmetics. Our Green Technology allows us to formulate using only responsibly sourced, clean and non-toxic ingredients.