Ayuna · Less Is Beauty

The Natural Beauty Of The Future
Going Beyond Natural Beauty

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of stimulus we face every day? We live immersed in a society of many, a society that demands people engage in multiple activities to feel fulfilled. It’s not surprising to find ourselves among a market where more is better, giving rise to an over-stimulated life in every way. Transfer this to the cosmetics industry, and it translates into creating products with a wide variety of ingredients, overwhelmed by an endless variety of substances. But does our skin really need all of these elements?

The truth is that it doesn’t and that’s why, in recent years, the concept of “natural beauty” has resonated deeply with the consumer, qualifying it with values such as wellbeing, health and the environment. Along with the rise in natural aesthetics, the creative minds in the beauty industry have unleashed other alternatives.

The answer is to create simple formulas made from natural ingredients, free of any unnecessary substances. This is how AYUNA · Less is Beauty was born, a concept inspired by “less is more”, with a scientific, plant-based approach, centered in simple beauty where only the minimum amount of essential ingredients your skin needs to reactivate are selected in order for it to look healthy and balanced.

“AYUNA is synonymous with eco-luxury cosmetics, and such a distinction makes us proud”, says Begoña Sanjuán, the firm’s co-founder. “Having said that, as a global brand, it is important that our followers know that we understand beauty as an homage to simplicity without losing sight of efficacy.”

With its three pillars #lessisbeauty,#skinfasting and #wellaging, AYUNA breaks from tradition and goes a step beyond “natural beauty” to create the natural cosmetic of the future – one that takes advantage of the latest biotechnological advances, purges all toxins from its formulas (in an unprecedented fashion), and offers solutions that are innovative, sensorial and effective.

In fact, did you know that the origin of the term AYUNA comes from the age-old technique of “fasting”? This technique is based on rest and detoxification to release over-stimulation by limiting consumption and providing the body with only what it needs. In the world of cosmetics, the basis for skin fasting is the same as for general fasting: when we eliminate over-stimulation, limit our intake and maintain a balanced diet, the natural self-healing mechanisms are activated immediately. In this way, fasting pays homage both to our innovative cosmetic concept of “topical fasting” and our “less is beauty” mantra.

Furthermore, the latest findings show that our thoughts, lifestyle and the environment can alter our DNA and affect the condition of our skin both positively and negatively. This knowledge can be beneficial in order to better address the skin’s aging process which, as much as we try to avoid it, is not only completely inevitable but also entirely natural. So, since we are going to age, better to do it gracefully. For this reason, we believe that the popular concept of “anti-aging” only leads us to be at war with the natural aging process. That is why AYUNA · Less is Beauty dares to disrupt this concept and replace it with “Well· Aging”, a modern and integrated approach to beauty which embraces a lifestyle that promotes aging optimally; for skin, this includes global rejuvenating results such as improvement to skin texture, elasticity, redness, wrinkles and dark spots.

How about you; would you like to join the natural beauty revolution? Tag @lessisbeauty and tell us about your journey.