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Vegan Rejuvenating Treatment - Ultra-rich
Size: 100 ml | 3.4 oz (double size)

A limited edition, vegan, exquisite and highly nourishing formula presented within a ceramic jar.

Just as skin is the most perfect and pure vessel that holds your inner being, ceramic is the most natural and respectful vessel to hold TERRA.

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Terra - Vegan Rejuvenating Treatment.- Ultra-Rich by Ayuna
Terra - Vegan Rejuvenating Treatment.- Ultra-Rich by Ayuna


A supreme emulsion that promotes longevity, manages hydration and compensates for the effects of stress on the skin. Its vegan and prebiotic composition is based on Plasmas Rich in Cell Factors from Noni and Turmeric and is reinforced with lipid replenishing jojoba and rice bran wax as well as the revitalizing properties of sublimated grape water.  The result is a luxurious treatment designed for very dry, dehydrated, mature and sensitive skins, ideal for skin affected by stress and/or extreme conditions such as travel, climate fluctuations and medical procedures.

TERRA is a cream-serum that moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, adds density and relaxes the skin. 49% organic active ingredients.


A one-of-a-kind design conceived to sustainably, respectfully and effectively carry a masterpiece formula. This limited and exclusive edition is a symbol of our essence and our holistic methods used to create new, simple and incredibly effective skincare - one that is based on inner well-being and nature, on the purest form of science and on embellishing the skin through all the senses..